Let’s now move on to the brand new chatroulette CamZap not to be confused with cam4 which has nothing at all to do with a cam2cam. When you connect to it for the first time, you are quickly surprised by the difference with the other chatroulettes ! There are a little more buttons but nothing very bad in the end. Just remember only the green button “Start” and red “Stop”, the rest is useless.

First of all you will have to allow your webcam to connect to the Camzap application, that being done you should quickly understand the slightly different system.

CamZap is a kind of television where you don’t zap a channel but a person, all randomly, an original and attractive concept.

A more Social ChatRoulette

The strategy of chatroulette in zapping mode is to bet big on the social side of webcam dating, so you will have the possibility to make friends but also to be able to add them on your Camzap account (if you have one). This little mix of Facebook/ChatRoulette is a novelty in the world of dating and we quickly get caught up in the game of friends roulette.

Once is not customary we will give you 4 reasons to choose (or not) Camzap for your wild evenings.

  1. An original project that mixes social and roulette, we love it and we ask for more.
  2. Moderation doesn’t seem to be the most reactive, avoid eating in front of your screen, we like it less.
  3. Good overall speed and excellent quality webcams.
  4. Despite a slightly different look than most chatroulettes, the principle remains the same: I zap and I mate.

Don’t forget that to start a cam to cam you must first accept your webcam, so now click on the start button 🙂

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