Funny name for a chatroulette, isn’t it? Wocchat is not easy to pronounce but makes up for the fact that it is much easier to use. We’re sticking with the traditional way for this chatroulette, a “start chat” button and cams that follow each other at a crazy speed. Wocchat.com can boast of gathering a poplar from every corner of the earth, all set against a gray and white background.

There are quite a few girls on this chatroulette (which I’m pointing out is only available in English for the moment) but we also meet some perverts. By the way, if you meet any, don’t forget to report them to the moderation team, they’re here for that ! To do so, click on “report”.

Difficult to get out of other negative things on the chat Wocchat so much the quality is there, in the manner of bazoocam everything is stable, fast and easy to use, a real pleasure.

This ChatRoulette is popular

And yes it’s a very big piece that this chatroulette! There is a lot of people and even a lot of people on wocchat which allows everyone to have a huge potential of meeting. To be popular is good but to be appreciated by your community is even better, the wocchat top has succeeded in its bet since the average score of this chatroulette is as you can see very high!

The few points to remember about this sturdy and popular roulette cat.

  1. Its major asset is its sober design and the stability of the chatroulette.
  2. A nice bunch of girls and guys from all over the world.
  3. We love the simplicity of the service that doesn’t fit in the fichi and the buttons that are useless.
  4. The ability to be able to write a small description about yourself is nice.

Stop reading and start talking 🙂

Average rating 4.1 / 5. Vote count: 812