On FaceBuzz, we have much more fun than on usual chat sites, the main focus is on fun and delirium in webcam. The application of this chat is really cool and we quickly get into the game, here we “play”, yes but with girls! We make the fools on the video chat. Only one watchword: to know how to laugh and not to take everything at the first degree. Indeed, it is a question above all of taking the meeting by cam as if we were in a game without border.

And then, it’s always fun to meet people in disguise or in a group who are only there to have a good time. Even if we’ll see it later, there are also people who are more serious. Note that the principle of this chat roulette is a bit different, there is no next button but a “Buzz” button.

At the international-chat editorial staff, everyone is seduced and we love it! It must be said that the more fun and original side of FaceBuzz brings a few more things in the world of direct webcam dating. In short, it’s colorful and so are the people you’re going to meet. Indeed, disguise and other jokes are on the program of this warm video chat. We will summarize Facebuzz like this: funny, simple and quality.

Facebuzz mobile

Great news isn’t it? The mobile version is free. And that’s not all since no registration is required. You’ll be able to party on Facebuzz while remaining anonymous. It’s the very principle of this site and many people seem to have forgotten it a little bit. Face buzz doesn’t forget it and provides everything with a nice speed.

  1. We liked the delirious and funny side of Facebuzz mobile, that’s what makes its charm.
  2. We liked a little less the boot music when we first logged in, but that’s also the spirit of Facebuzz: fun!
  3. A good note for the display of instant live webcams, the speed is the same at peak times.
  4. The ability to connect with your Facebook account or directly from the Facebook ChatRoulette application is just great.

As usual you will have to try it and get an idea of the beast, to do this you will have to click on the “Buzz” button, to move on to another person click on Buzz again.

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