Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue site is the most famous international video chat site in the world. Considered by video chat fans as the temple of webcam dating. The site operates in the form of a “lounge” called Chatroom. Various thematic chat rooms are available. The most famous chat room on Chat-Avenue is, unsurprisingly, the room for adults. Moreover, it is this one that is available on

Don’t be surprised but the crowd is huge on the chat and it is not just a way of talking. Judge for yourself: 2500 connected in the adult chat room! It’s simply monumental. Surprisingly, there are as many girls as boys on the “chat ave”.

Chat Avenue Sex

To date, there are still 2 chat rooms on the site, all others have unfortunately closed. In fact, one is on this page: it is the chat avenue sex, also called “Adult Chatrooms”, while the other one is on “Chatspin”. It’s up to you but the second one mentioned is softer and more conducive to discussions.

Chat avenue sex is since the creation of the sulfurous room, the most popular. There you watch very hot live webcams and the many photos that the community shares. In your turn, show your porn or naughty pictures and see the excitement they generate. Just like on a social network, everyone can decide to share things and show it to the world.

Chat Avenue Girls

In addition to the options mentioned above, you have a faster way to see girls, if you are intrigued: click on the button of the same name. Then, a series of girls, each one more beautiful than the other, will parade in front of you. Of course, they are far away from you, but thanks to the webcam, you feel like you can touch them. You prefer to see men? The parameter exists and is very appreciated by gays and curious women. From now on, the Chat Avenue girls category is also free and without registration, so access is easy.

A site like Chat-Avenue

You must be aware of this but a site like Chat-Avenue requires great moderation and you can’t do just anything. For example, on the chat room called “video chat”, sex is strictly forbidden. On the other hand, the adult room accepts sex cams and pornographic photos. In short, you must read the rules written when you arrive on the Chat Ave before you start chatting.

Finding an alternative to this international video chat is not a simple thing. Currently, there are very few sites similar to Not to hide anything from you there are 3 of great quality, the others are not even worth mentioning.

Chat Avenue mobile

For a long period of time, there was no existing application. However, with the end of Adobe Flash Player support arriving, the Adobe Flash Player was no longer supported… Chat Avenue Mobile then rushed out. In fact, this portable version of video chat is no longer under this old “Flash” technology but in HML5. Under these terms a little complicated, just remember that from now on, Chat-Avenue Mobile will be displayed on all your screens (smartphones, tv, …). So, this is very good news.

Chat without registration

It must be recognized that has many more positive points than negative ones. The most significant example is that it is the last free video chat site that still allows you to talk without having to register. Indeed, you are free to enter the site without any registration. A site similar to had tried the experiment, some time ago, without success !l, very hot ! Adults meet in this sex chat room. It works on smartphone perfectly.

How to use the chat ave ?

If we consider that you have already manipulated a chat of this kind, we imagine that you know how it works. Nevertheless, we will briefly describe the parameters of the webcam chat. To start with, you are automatically placed in the list of connected people. A nickname is chosen for you, often it will be the nickname “Guest” followed by a number. Then, you have the choice to write or share pictures on the public chat area or to watch a cam (on the right side of the screen).

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